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Duties of the Supervisor

Florida Statutes mandate the duties and responsibilities of the Supervisor of Elections.
As an elected, Florida constitutional officer, the Gulf County Supervisor of Elections,
must follow all state and federal election laws. Although the Supervisor of Elections 
office is generally thought of as responsible for the actual election day logistics and 
management, there are many other functions of the office, including:

  1. Record Management
    a.  Administration of voter registration lists
    b.  List Maintenance as mandated by state and federal laws
    c.  Public record law, with restrictions on duplication
    d.  Record storage and control
    e.  Archive maintenance, retention, and destruction
  2. Voter Education
    a.  Publications such as Voter's Information
    b.  Year-round school programs
    c.  General voter service and information
  3. Petition Verification and Certification Process
    a.  County, District, State and Federal Candidates
    b.  Constitutional amendments and county issues
  4. Candidate Assistance
    a.  Research and preparation of qualifying packs
    b.  Briefings and assistance with forms
    c.  Pre-filing, qualifying, and certifying candidates
  5. Campaign Report Management and Review
    a.  Pre-filed and Qualified Candidates
    b.  Political Parties, PACs, and Committees of Continuous Existence
  6. Security Procedures
    a.  Manual written in compliance with Rule 1S-2.015
    b.  Office subject to performance audit by independent authority
    c.  Updating for changes in procedures and forms

The Supervisor of Elections is also responsible for election-related activities, such as:
layout and programming of paper and electronic ballots, maintaining election equipment,
employing and training of poll workers, providing and equipping polling places and 
providing information and statistics on voting and elections.


The Supervisor of Elections Office is located at: 

401 Long Avenue 
Port St. Joe, Florida 32456 

Office Hours: 
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 
(850) 229-6117 
fax (850) 229-8975